Our Ethos at Nu Breed is about living a sustainable future. We are dedicated in providing reusable, recyclable sustainable everyday consumer products that support wildlife conservation. With every Nu Breed product purchased 10% of the proceeds is diverted to 1 of 4 global wildlife conservation projects in support of our chosen Non-government organisations.

The earths wildlife has declined by up to 60% in the last 40 years and the last of the animal kingdom is now living on borrowed time so we all must act now to protect and preserve what we have to secure a possible wildlife for the future. We are a Nu breed with a vision of a new sustainable future.

Taking matters into your own hands with reusable coffee cups, let’s face it, you are probably unlikely to give up your morning coffee anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean the environment has to pay. One of the best ways to help reduce the amount of waste caused by single use cups is to change how you consume coffee. Having a reusable coffee cup in your bag or at the office gives quick access to an alternative to the single use cup. By having one on hand it’s possible to support your favorite coffee shop and reduce the impact that ‘disposable’ cups have on the environment.

Enjoy Shopping with us while we make them available.